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We tap and collect from the finest maple trees in the land! Located in the heart of northern Wisconsin, our trees produce sweet and savory syrup for all your breakfast (brunch, lunch, dinner and midnight snack) needs. Our sugar shack is a state inspected facility, registered with the FDA.

To us, there is nothing better than a day spent outdoors... or every day, in this case! Hidden deep in the middle of nowhere on a dead-end road, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we make magic happen and bottle it up for you to enjoy. We're so glad you chose us to be your Maple experts! We love what we do, and we love sharing it with you. From our family to yours, thank you!


Meet the Sappers

Get to know our team...



The Boss

Tom grew up around hardworking people who turned the natural resources of the north woods into means of enjoyment and survival. It is no surprise that he took this deeply rooted passion for the outdoors and committed his entire life to enjoying much of what it has to offer or finding ways to earn a living in the north woods environment.

Tom's entrepreneurial spirit launched his maple sugaring hobby into a full throttle maple empire with over 3,000 trees tapped last year and a goal of 4,000 in 2021.

Tom enjoys hunting so much that he spends several weeks out west each Fall. He has plans to hunt over seas for the first time next year.

FUN FACT: Tom broke his leg when he was 9 years old, but no one believed him at first, because he’d been known to ‘cry wolf.’ 


Roxy (AKA "Ma")

The Other Boss

Ma is the driving force behind our everyday operation. Working hard from dawn until dark, and sometimes even in the middle of the night to ensure everything is running properly, she puts more hours into Maple Syrup than she does playing board games (and that's a lot. Really, A LOT!)

Roxy enjoys reading. Five years ago, she put down her beloved novels and started studying Maple Syrup manuals.

FUN FACT: Can you guess Ma's guilty pleasure? Yep, board games! Buying them, getting them for Christmas, and playing them at most family get-togethers (this family gets together all the time) might explain why she has 2 full closets, multiple shelves and probably a stray basket -or 6- spilling with games! Every. Game.


John (AKA "Pa")

Expert Sap Hauler & Firewood Extraordinaire

Last season, John hauled and pumped over 45,000 gallons of sap. Yeah, you read that right. And he didn't stop there! He's also in charge of all the firewood, works on the roads so the crew can get to the woods, entertains the grandkids when needed, taste-tests our products, fixes broken things, finds lost things... you name it, he probably does it.

John enjoys Maple Cream ON EVERYTHING! As a matter of fact, we probably never would have started making our mouth-watering Maple Cream if it wasn't for him. Yeah, let's thank him!

FUN FACT: John took an egg salad sandwich to work every day for his lunch for 43 years (and 9 days, to be exact.) He hasn't eaten one since he retired in 2012.


Sherman (AKA "Zach")

Master Cooker

Snowplow man by day, self-proclaimed "M.C." (master cooker) by night. Even though he burned the pan once (er, twice?) we're still grateful for his commitment. As Tom's best friend, we can count on him to help whenever we need it. It's a good thing sap season doesn't overlap bear hunting though, or we'd get bumped from his priority list!

Zach enjoys bear hunting. A lot. Every chance he gets.

FUN FACT: Sherman is literally the easiest person to spot in a crowd. Match his fiery red hair looming a foot above the rest with the dirtiest white cut-off shirt imaginable, and you'll find him every time.



Marketing & Media Specialist

The boss man's better half, and voice behind our online presence, this maple mama is seldom seen without kiddos attached to her hip. Whether tagging along in the maple woods or running around in the sugar shack, our next generation sap boss has been in training for 2 seasons now, and his sister recently made her debut smack dab in the middle of sap season. Hope she likes pancakes, because we'll be celebrating her birthday at the sugar shack every year!

Tatum enjoys canoeing in the Boundary Waters and finding new ways to incorporate Maple Syrup into everyday recipes.

FUN FACT: When Tatum was 5 and 1/2 months pregnant, she went elk hunting in Montana. A couple weeks later, she shot her first mule deer!


Maple Minions


"Tap those trees. Work on wire ties. Help over here. Go get that."

Our maple minions (Bill, Sue, Jean and so many others!) are good at taking orders. On the other hand, they're around just as much as the rest of us, so they know exactly what they're doing.

From working in the woods, helping cook sap into wee hours of the night, making food to feed the troops, and more, we are fortunate and grateful to have so many family and friends to help grow our ever-expanding maple empire!




Maple Mascot

Although she’s named after a different type of tree, this pup is truly dedicated to the maple industry. She works hard to ensure our maple woods are squirrel free, our trails are packed down, and we’re warned when a visitor is approaching. She puts on miles and spends many hours accompanying the crew throughout sap season, so she was rightly dubbed our Maple Mascot. She was obviously born for this job, she’s even the color of syrup!



We are open for visitors during sap season in March and April. Dates vary each year. Please contact us to set up a tour or schedule a pickup.


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