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Where can I buy your maple products?

1. All our "maple merch," as we like to call it, is available right here on our website. Just click the "Shop Now" tab above and you'll be taken to our online maple shop.

2. Limited product selections are also available in a few stores throughout Wisconsin:

  • Java Journey in Rib Lake, WI

  • Doro's Milkhouse Market in Omro, WI

  • More stores coming soon!

3. We will be attending some local farmer's markets throughout the summer. Be sure to follow our social media pages and subscribe to our newsletter (below) for all the latest maple happenings!

Have a store you'd like to see our products in? Let us know!

Is your Maple Syrup organic?

Tom & Ma's Maple Syrup is 100% real, 100% pure, and 100% delicious. We don't add any preservatives, sweeteners or food coloring. Sap to syrup, it's that simple! Registered with the FDA.

What is Maple Cream and how do I use it?

Oooooh, you're in for a treat!
Our Maple Cream has one simple ingredient: Pure Maple Syrup.
We cook it beyond syrup consistency, then use a special machine to whip it into spreadable perfection.

USES: Maple Cream is delicious on toast, bagels, crackers, pretzels, fruit, poptarts, muffins, sugar cookies, peanut butter sandwiches... you name it.
Spread, glaze, dip, drizzle, devour!

How should I store Maple Syrup/Cream?

It's best to keep maple products in the fridge unless used on a semi-daily basis. In that case, you will use it up before it spoils. If you prefer it room-temp, Maple Cream can be kept out for 3 to 4 weeks before spoiling. Cream that isn't kept cold often separates, which is normal. Just stir and enjoy! To keep longest, store in freezer. Maple Syrup may last several months out (still preferably in a cool, dark place) before mold appears. If a little mold does appear, it is safe to remove it and then heat the syrup to 190 degrees (a light boil) and store in a new container. It won't truly "go bad" unless you let so much mold grow that it ruins the flavor. Syrup can be stored in the freezer without freezing solid for up to 2 years.

When will my maple goodness arrive?

Your order will be shipped within 3-5 business days. We will try our best to get you your order as quickly as possible! If you have not gotten your order in a timely matter, please contact us so we can make sure everything is on track.

Can I pickup my order and pay you in person?

Absolutely! There is an option on the shopping page to select "pickup" or if you're not computer savvy, just contact us to place your order outside of our website. We want it to be easiest for you!
We don't have set hours, so please call ahead to set up a day and time for pickup.

How is shipping calculated?

Since there are a lot of different product combinations you could order, shipping is sort of hard to calculate ahead of time. So for now, we charge based on weight.
We're new to the world of shipping, but as we get the hang of things, we will adjust order options and shipping rates to better suit your needs. 

Where are you located?

Our sugar shack is down a dead-end road in Brantwood, WI. It is not currently open to the public until February. If you want to schedule a pickup, please call for an address and directions. (It's easy to find.)

Can I come tour the sugar shack?

Yes, please do! The sugar shack is open for visitors in March and April. That is when the sap runs, and that's when we're there most often, making your sweet maple syrup. Please call ahead to book a tour.

What if I don't see the size product I want?

The sizes of Maple Syrup jars that are available here on our website are just the most common sizes we sell. If you're looking for a bigger jug (1/2 gallon or gallon) or a smaller bottle (decorative glass "samplers") please contact us! We have plenty of different sized containers ready to go.

Our Maple Cream currently comes in two sizes: 1 pound and 1/2 pound

Can I return an item?

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we do not accept returns. BUT, we will refund an order or send replacement products in the event you are dissatisfied with your maple merch or something goes wrong in shipping. You must contact us within 30 days from receiving your order to discuss a solution. We reserve the right to limit refunds and replacements.

Is there alcohol in your Rum Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup?

As much as some of us would like there to be alcohol in our barrel-aged syrup, there is not. (We leave that part up to you. And OH is this stuff good in Old Fashioneds!)
Our Pure Maple Syrup soaks in an emptied rum barrel to collect the alcohol’s flavor from the wood. Once we tap open the barrel, we then heat-filter the syrup which evaporates any alcohol that was left in the barrel, keeping the new rum flavor.


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