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I Lost My Engagement Ring

Six years ago today, snow was heavy on the trees. Branches hung low, and a fresh white fluff blanketed the ground. It was my favorite kind of wintery day. One that instills calm everywhere, as if the snow itself catches all the sound and buries it, creating a vast stillness throughout the land.

I would have loved nothing more than to embark on a woodsy adventure through the snowy wonderland, and Tom must have read my mind.

He came home from work and talked me out of finishing the college assignment I had been working on, which should have been my first clue that something was up. When he suggested we go on a snowmobile ride, I was SO on board, I could have flunked college and not cared in that moment. YES, of course I'd love a tour of this Wisconsin winter wonderland- that's what it was to me!

It was remarkable. Captivating. Breath-taking. Stunning. Glorious!

As our ride over snowcapped hills and under the icy canopy of an enchanted forest was ending, Tom steered us toward "the pond," where we've spent countless hours relaxing with family throughout the years, and since gotten married on its paradisal shore. Our adventure took us across the frozen water, up onto an island where we sat together, talking. Our conversation escalated to the perfect lead-in, and he popped the question. Despite having a big 'ole rock shining me right in the face, I couldn't believe it. No way. This is not real. Just another joke. There's no way. (And yeah, I said those things... out loud. Sorry Tom!)

Finally it occurred to me that it WAS real. He was seriously asking me to marry him. But I can’t brag about that time “I said yes,” because what I actually said was, "Well, YEAH!" Like…of course I will! What did you think?!

It was a surreal moment. We were so excited! We zipped around on the snowmobile, stopping at our loved ones houses to share the long-antcipated news.

On our last stop of the night, THE RING SLIPPED OFF MY FINGER, INTO THE SNOW. Yep. Gone. Just like that. Of course I'd lose my engagement ring a few hours after it was given to me. Of course I would.


I dropped to my knees in a frantic search. Freezing hands. Shaking shoulders. After a few tears and what seemed like CENTURIES later, Tom's dad came to the rescue with a propane torch. He melted snowbanks until... there it was. I am forever grateful to him for finding it!

Looking back, that day was perfect, despite almost losing my ring.

So for me, today isn’t about groundhogs with ridiculous names or trying to predict weather patterns far too early to be accurate. It’s about love. It’s about adventure. And laughter. It’s about us.❤️

Engagement Ring

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